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As a top provider of Clear Aligners in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Dr. Tram helps patients from teens to adults get the straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles they've been looking for with treatments that are customized for each patient's unique needs.


What are Clear Aligners braces?

Clear Aligners is a system used to straighten teeth that avoids the need for traditional metal braces. Instead, the Clear Aligners system uses a series of clear plastic trays called aligners. These trays are designed to fit precisely over your teeth, and because they're completely smooth, there are no sharp edges to irritate your mouth. Plus, since they're clear, they're nearly invisible while they're in your mouth, and they can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing, eliminating food restrictions associated with metal braces and also making it much easier to maintain the health of your teeth and gums during treatment. Plus, since they're custom-designed for each patient's mouth, most patients can complete treatment in two years or less.

How does Clear Aligners treatment work?

Once it's been determined your a good candidate for Clear Aligners, your treatment will begin with an impression of youth mouth. The impression will be sent to a dental lab and scanned into a computer. Using special software, the computer will create a series of models of your mouth, depicting the movements your teeth need to make to come into alignment. Your plastic aligners will be created based on those virtual models so they'll be completely customized for your needs. During treatment, you'll replace the aligner you're currently wearing with the next one in the series about every two weeks to keep teeth moving toward ideal alignment. Most patients use between 18 and 30 aligners. You'll need to have an office visit about every six weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing the way it should be.

Is Clear Aligners covered by dental insurance?

Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of Clear Aligners. However, our office can help you arrange a payment plan or find financing options so you can fit the cost of treatment into your budget.