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Wisdom teeth extractions and other types of oral surgery require special expertise. Dr. Tram has both the training and the experience to ensure patients in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, get the best care for their oral surgery needs so every patient can feel confident in his or her results.


Why do wisdom teeth usually need to be pulled?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge, and they're located very far back in your jaw. Once the wisdom teeth begin to come in, your mouth is already full of teeth, and adding four new teeth can cause significant crowding issues. Sometimes, wisdom teeth come in sideways or become impacted underneath neighboring teeth, threatening the health of those teeth. Even if your wisdom teeth come in straight, their location in the far back regions of your jaws makes them very difficult to keep clean. As a result, they become reservoirs for bacteria and decay, and can cause infection and other issues that can spread to neighboring teeth as well. Wisdom teeth extractions can be a wise move to keep your other teeth healthy and sound.

How can I tell if my wisdom teeth need to be pulled?

Before any type of tooth extraction, your mouth will be evaluated and you'll learn about all your options, including using root canal to treat some teeth that have become badly decayed but which still may be preserved.

Do all extractions require oral surgery?

No, some tooth extractions are quite simple, requiring local anesthetics and special grasping tools for removal; other extractions, such as those of impacted or badly broken teeth, can be more complex, requiring sedation and incisions into the gum to remove the tooth. Your extraction procedure will be carefully planned to ensure the best results.

What kinds of oral surgery procedures are there?

In addition to complex tooth extractions, other types of surgery are available to augment your gums (gum grafting), supplement your jaw bone before implant surgery (bone grafting), correct congenital issues, repair your mouth following trauma, or improve the aesthetics of your mouth and face. Other surgeries are used to remove cancerous lesions or tumors and rebuild the mouth afterward.

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